Monday, April 6, 2009

Condemn to the error in the report regarding H.H. Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burahnuddin TUS

Media manipulates information...
This is the original picture which was edited unacceptably by INDIA TV

Rohit Bansal

Subject: Condemn
to the error in the report regarding H.H. Dr. Syedna Mohammed
Burahnuddin TUS

Mr. Bansal,

9 p.m. show on 6th of April on India TV, telecast the information and
report on the remarriage of a Taliban Terrorist Baitullah in
Waziristan in Afghanistan.

between this report, the pictures of His Holiness Dr. Syedna
Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS)
 performing nikah were been
inserted and constant background talk of terrorism was given. In what
accordance do you think His Holiness is connected to the terrorists?
Do you even know who you are talking about?

holiness is amongst the four persons in the world who is awarded with
the address of "His Holiness" including
Dalai Lama and the Christian Pope.

His Holiness is also awarded with the title of "Ambassador
of Peace"
 from many major countries of the world.

India TV does not know such a unique personality, then its not our
fault. You are the News Channel and you ought to know better and more
than us. This is the proof of your knowledge, information, and lack
of professional journalism.

this the way you follow the ethics of journalism?

are now apologizing for the error you have committed. But merely a
line on the bottom of the screen stating the word "afsos"
won't do. You have to telecast the apology of your misconduct as long
as and as repeatedly as you did the error, at the same show on the
same time, which should grasp the same audience that have been
watching on the evening of 6th April.

is we think the only way the reputation of His holiness Dr. Syedna
Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) can be mended (but only partially).

the damage has been done. We the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim Community
demand a full fledged apology(as stated above) from India TV.

also demand the necessary action be taken on the reporter for such
grave mistake.

you understand that we are hurt to the depth of our soul. And this
letter is been written from a crying heart. Because, this is the
matter of great insult to our Maula(TUS) and the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim
Community as a whole.