Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Optical Illusion - Dodecahedron

A Dodecahedron is a 12 faced polyhedron with 20 verticals and thirty edges. It's a 3D geometric object. You can see the example in the first image below. The optical illusion behind this installment is obvious only when you see the second photo. Dodecahedron Optical Illusion is composed of a bunch of random floating chunks of wood. As they appear to be randomly spread around the area, when viewed from the correct angle they form a perfect Dodecahedron. More precisely, this installment is created from dozens of seemingly random positioned parts that obtain cohesive structure only when viewed from certain angle. Bunch of similar examples can be found on this site. Starting from Felice Varini's circles, all the way to Bicycle Installment and that strange installment from Hungary. I'm not quite sure who is the artist behind this amazing illusion, but if you find some info, be sure to share through comments.

Spinning MAN Optical Illusion

Once again Mighty Optical Illusions website proudly brings new optical illusion that hopefully will become as famous as the Spinning Girl did in the past. Remember when we first posted Spinning Girl illusion, it was later reposted on all the famous websites across the internet. The artwork was created by Peter 'Def' Oksbjerre, and the flash work was enhanced by Miguel Ortiz, and later by Anthony J. Foreman. I thank all three of you guys for your time. Now the illusion works like this: watch the spinning man, and you'll see him spin in one direction, but as soon as he rotates for 180 degrees, you'll see the switch in the direction of his movement, and he will spin differently. Let's see how long does it take for big websites to find this illusion and write about it. Remember, to see the freshest optical illusion on your PC desktop, Mac dashboard, iGoogle or Facebook profile, add the appropriate application. You can find them all at the top of the sidebar.

Let's give the author (Peter) opportunity to explain it himself: "Hi, Love your site. I was playing around with some particle-systems and depth-maps in AfterEffects and suddenly this guy showed up. I like how his legs get totally twisted in the middle of the spin. It works with the same principles as the Einstein and Chaplin-masks where you see the inside but it looks like the outside."

Monday, July 14, 2008

Art by Nature

Northern Light Over Yellow Knife, Canada.
This is so beautiful..
This is a Fire Rainbow.
The rarest of all naturally occurring atmospheric phenomena.
The picture was captured on the Idaho / Washington border. The event lasted about 1 hour.
Clouds have to be cirrus, at least 20K feet in the air, with just the right amount of ice crystals and the sun has to hit the clouds at precisely 58 degrees.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mirror Tic Tac Toe Illusion

Now this one is eye-candy! One of the first games I ever learned to play as a child was Tic Tac Toe. We call this game differently here in Croatia, but if you translated the meaning literally, it would be "Crosses and Circles". Mirror Tic Tac Toe by Peleg Design is a rad little optical illusion board game with half O's and X's that only are complete when put in play. I'm not exactly sure weather you see the O's and X's correctly if you look at the board under different, more extreme angle, but Sahar Peleg surely created very interesting and innovative approach to this game.

Shahar Peleg is a multi-disciplined designer, who designs, develops and produces commercial products in small quantities. Shahar designs every-day objects with additional values which give them a fresh character. His experimentation with optical illusions and “magic” result in smart and surprising products that challenge the spectator to take a closer, more detailed look. His products are characterized by minimalist form and with the use of ordinary materials, usually produced in “low tech” production processes and at times even handmade.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Art on Ground

Eggs mark the spot in the town of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands.
These sunny-side-up creations are the work of Dutch artist Henk Hofstra.
His Art-Eggcident is open to all in the town’s Wilhelmina Square.
The eight fried eggs have a diameter of 7.5 meters.
Some have a bulging yolk 2.3 meters high.
Members of the public have come out of their shell to engage with the artworks.
The eggs will fry in the sun for the next six months..
.. while breakfast lovers get to admire his extraordinary talent.
Hostra’s eggs follow another exhibition that brightened up Dutch streets.
Moleneind in Drachten was sprayed as part of the Blue Road project.
Four thousand litres of paint were used to cover a kilometre of road.
The creation formed an urban river and traced the path of a waterway that used to run where the road now is.
The slogan ‘Water Is Life’ was written on the road in 8m-high letters.
Hostra said it would provide fun for users of Google Earth..
.. and bring life back to the center of Drachten.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Count the Horses if you can

...a Hidden Horses Illusion! Bet you didn't saw this one coming. Today I bring you all new optical illusion, the type you have never seen before! Your assignment is to spot as many hidden horses in this fabulous image below. How many did you find? How long did it take? Yes, for those of you who are still not sure, there was an irony in my voice. I'm a little fed up with all these hidden horses by now. The authors should already run of them, if someone asks me. Still, it's a regular optical illusion, nice looking as well, and it would be a shame not to post it. I just hope this is the last one! If you have a spare time, you can help me gather all the horse illusions from this website, and point to them inside your comments. This way we'll see how many there were exactly, and we'll have them all in one place. My bet is a roundish number, something like 20 or so.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Art in 956,000 Matchsticks

Man builds full scale F1 Car from 956,000 matchsticks.
Michael Arndt is a man of matchsticks. Over the course of six years, using 956,000 matchsticks, 1686 tubes of glue, and at least three different varieties of mustache, he built a full-scale replica of a McLaren 4/14 F1 Car at a cost around 6,000 Euro ($8,725). The giant model takes up Arndt’s entire kitchen and probably his social life. It can be broken down into 45 parts for easy transport to various matchstick-builders conventions.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Art of Advertising

What you can see in this post is an innovative guerrilla marketing campaign, done by the advertising company called Saatchi & Saachti. As you probably know, few weeks ago I've posted some naughty billboards done by the same company. The response was huge! This time I bring you Saatchi & Saachti's campaign for Folgers, that has turned some New York City manholes into STEAMING CUPS OF COFFEE! Another innovative example for coffee advertising can be seen on these cups. And another pothole advertising can be seen from these stickers. Choose what you like, but you'll have to love this idea. Just for info, this was done some months ago, but I have learned of it only now, so am posting it with a little delay. Hope you forgive me! Would be nice if they included some sort of coffee aroma, so that the sewer air that is coming from underneath don't make the contra-effect. This would not only be good for their advertising, but would but would in fact cause anti propaganda! What do you think? In the meantime, I'm gonna' fetch myself a cup of coffee!