Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Count the Horses if you can

...a Hidden Horses Illusion! Bet you didn't saw this one coming. Today I bring you all new optical illusion, the type you have never seen before! Your assignment is to spot as many hidden horses in this fabulous image below. How many did you find? How long did it take? Yes, for those of you who are still not sure, there was an irony in my voice. I'm a little fed up with all these hidden horses by now. The authors should already run of them, if someone asks me. Still, it's a regular optical illusion, nice looking as well, and it would be a shame not to post it. I just hope this is the last one! If you have a spare time, you can help me gather all the horse illusions from this website, and point to them inside your comments. This way we'll see how many there were exactly, and we'll have them all in one place. My bet is a roundish number, something like 20 or so.