Friday, June 20, 2008

Camel Camels Everywhere..

Smoking is bad! It shortens your life, takes your energy and gives you smelly breath. I know all this, but am still not able to quit. Well, maybe I'll smarten up one day - hopefully soon. In the mean time, I bring you this set of photos that were produced for Camel. Maybe sharing these make me sort of a hypocrite, but what can I say - they have some pretty original campaign. And it has much to do with OPTICAL ILLUSIONS! Jump inside this article, and observer some of the most fascinating Camel posters. There are dozen of them, some more obvious, and some more difficult to see. Which billboard makes the Camel logo hardest to spot? Which one is best in its design? Which one you liked the most? Try and answer few of these questions, and please share you opinion on articles like this one. Enjoy!