Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hidden Animals... Illusion

Through a little study I have learned that spot the object illusions like this one below receive highest rankings from my audience. I thought after a while you'll become sick of them, but I forgot that you aren't the ones that have to look at them daily for over 2 years. This is probably the reason you weren't affected by them yet. Like the hidden horses, that were posted recently for the millionth time, this article bares the similar name. Only this time hidden animals are wolves and polar bears. Like we never talked about them earlier, yeah right. But there are some other "things" to spot if you look more closely. It shouldn't be to hard after all experience we gathered. Do you bare with me on this one? My belief is that similar illusions are still popular because of search-game they involve, giving them some kind of "quest" atmosphere, as well as their artistic looks.

Oh, concerning yesterday's post - I would like to thank Doug and the other person that shared info on Elance with me, helping me in my goal of hiring coworkers for this website. I still need few more answers on my questions from previous post. Anyone can help? Now go, and study this spot the object painting!

via Mighty Optical Illusions